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RFID Screw Embedded Metal Tag

 RFID Metallic Screw Embedded Tag,Screw Shape RFID Metal Tag,860-960mhz metal tag for tracking screw parts , asset tags for equipment




asset tag labels is designed on ceramic and high temperature epoxy base material, solving the problem that tag can’t work on the metal asset and work continuously in rugged environment.assets statistics management,small equipment management, industrial manufacturing, etc


It offers market leading read range,consistency and reliability in outdoor and industrial applications.



Physical Features:
Model RCC6011 Name RFID Screw Embedded Metal Tag
Material Ceramic/Epoxy/Steel Color Black/Gray/Blue/White
Dimensions D=24*30mm Customizable Weight 55.60 g
Working Temperature -20℃—150℃ Storage Temperature -40℃—150℃
IP Rating IP68 Humidity 98% Non-condensing
RFID Features:
RFID Standard ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Chip Type Alien Higgs-3 / Impinj Monza 5
EPC Memory 96 bits to 480 bits
User Memory 512 bits
Read Range 902-928 MHz 2.0-3.0m
  865-868 MHz 2.0-3.0m
Other Features:
Data Storage > 10 years
Re-write 100,000 times
Installation Screw
Customization Printing LOGO, Encoding, Designing,etc




Assets statistics management

Metallic Screw Tracking

Metallic equipment management

Industrial manufacturing, etc


Metallic Screw Shape RFID Metal Tag For Tracking Screw Parts